Learn About Lauren

Lauren Pizza was born and raised in Little Falls, NJ, the youngest of five; three sisters and a brother. Her early years were typical Jersey life, with a big, colorful family, trips down the shore, “guido” boyfriends, and fighting with her sisters over clothes.

Her life took an unexpected twist, when she met Joe, a long-haired rock musician who also just happened to be one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical executives. In a few short years, Lauren went from sharing a tiny apartment with a roomate in the Village and living on Chinese takeout to a high-powered job in Manhattan and jetting off to Venice for masquerade balls with her Prince Charming.

Today, Lauren is the founder and creator Laridan Productions, which offers a wide array of services to aspiring artists and entrepreneurs. She and her husband, Joe are co-owners of Interchem Incorporated, a leading international supplier of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and antibiotics.

Lauren is also the host of So Tell Me.