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A Woman’s Place is in the White House

So excited! Going to see founder and author Marianne Schnall launch and discuss her new book, “What Will It Take to Make a Woman President?” which, if it were my book, I would have subtitled: “It’s About Damn Time.”

Some women are natural leaders, and others, like me, have it thrust upon them and find that they are better at it than they thought they would be. I have found in leading my own company and making my own way that I am just as capable of screwing things up as any man, and that the fear of making mistakes shouldn’t stop me from getting out there and doing my best.

Can’t wait to hear from the Marianne Schnall and an amazing group of panelists: Joy Behar, Don McPherson, Elizabeth Lesser, Ana Navarro, Marie Wilson, and Julie Zeilinger. Hoping that it inspires the next generation to step into the political ring, and take a shot.

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