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When Lauren Pizza was thirteen, she died. Caught under a small sailboat, she struggled to reach the surface, only to find that what she thought was up was actually down…and that’s all she remembers. Ever since being resuscitated by two strangers, Pizza has felt a presence in her life from the spirit world. Is it crazy? Maybe. Her family sure thinks so. 
Growing up the youngest, and sometimes forgotten, of five in Little Falls, New Jersey, Pizza lives the typical life “down the shore.” She survives high school (barely), goes to college in Dayton, Ohio (which she might have thought was in Florida when she applied), and is ready to settle down with her “perfect” Kennedy-esque boyfriend in Jersey…until she wakes up. Suddenly free and single, Pizza finds herself a job in the city, a grungy apartment in the West Village, and waits for Prince Charming. When he finally arrives, she doesn’t recognize him: he drives a red Ferrari, sure, but he has hair like Howard Stern and wears more gold chains than Mr. T. 
As this Jersey Girl navigates the roller-coaster ride that is her life, with help from unlikely places and guided by events and people she never would have expected, she realizes that some things are just meant to be.
Today, Lauren is the founder and creator Laridan Productions, which offers a wide array of services to aspiring artists and entrepreneurs. She and her husband, Joe are co-owners of Interchem Incorporated, a leading international supplier of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and antibiotics. 
Lauren is also the host of So Tell Me.