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Mind, Body & Spirit

I nearly died when I was 13. I got trapped under a capsized sailboat, and went down when I should have gone up. I remember the beauty of the light and the feeling of warmth and calm that enveloped me. I was rescued and resuscitated by passing strangers, and, ever since, have felt like there’s a larger force at work in the universe and that some things are just meant to be. You probably think I’m some kind of spiritual nutcase who goes to psychics and chatters on about auras and chakras. Well, yes and no.

I go to psychics. I believe there is a spiritual world. I believe there is more to who we are and what we do than what we can recognize and explain in our logical minds. And medical science backs me up. You know all those placebo studies? The people who believed they were getting medicine, and got nothing, but still healed? Well, there you go. And, there’s some recent studies that have found that our guts, or more accurately the microbial make-up of our gut chemistry, influence our moods and mindsets. There’s something mysterious about the connections between our minds, our bodies, and our spirits that makes us more than just the sum of our parts. To keep it all working, though, you have to make sure you take care of each part:

Mind: You probably think I’m going to tell you to do Sudoku or learn a new language or something to keep your mind “active.” Nope. I think your mind gets enough of a workout in daily life. I know mine does! Here’s what I think your mind needs: friends! Get together with your friends and family. Talk. Drink. Dance. Play games. Throw a party. Have fun. Share everything—and I do mean everything! Just ask my friends, I’m an open book. I know it helps me stay sane to not to keep things bottled up inside.

Body: Nothing earth-shattering here, just the usual stuff you all know: Aerobic exercise and weight training (but don’t overdo it! I’ve had trainers who have killed my body just to “prove” that they are awesome trainers, and ended up doing some real damage). Eat oatmeal every morning, and stay away from the empty carbs, especially refined flour and sugar. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, and take calcium supplements. Harder than it sounds, I know.

Spirit: This is a two-parter, because your spirit is complicated. First, get outside. Just being outside and getting the energy from the trees and the wind makes an amazing difference. Green and sunlight feed the soul and spirit in ways we don’t really understand—it may be the vitamin D, the natural light, or something else altogether, but research says people who get outside are happier, able to focus better, and heal more quickly. Second, go to a psychic from time to time. Explore life outside your particular box, try something new, and take advice from strangers.

As we learn more about how the mind, body, and spirit are connected, it’s becoming clearer that we need to take care of all three parts of ourselves to live long, healthy and happy lives.

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